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How Do I Sell My House In Florida Fast For Cash

We Offer Cash For Your FL House Fast…

Selling your Fort Lauderdale, Florida house can be a daunting task. However, we’ve simplified the process where we’ll take you through the different stages step by step.

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Property Info

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In the form below, just tell us a little about the property you want to sell.

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Schedule Appointment

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At your convenience, we’ll schedule a walk-through either in person or virtual.

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Get Paid

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Accept our offer, close at a local title company & walk away with cash.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. No Commissions, No Fees and No Repairs. Just fill in this form or call (954) 591-8462 to Get Your Cash Offer Started!
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Selling Your Florida House To Daniel Cislyn Home Buyers

What Info Will You Need From Me?

Sell your Florida house fast by providing us with some basic information about your home.

  • Timeline to sell your property
  • Current condition of the property
  • Previous or recent renovations (if any)
  • Your ultimate goal with the property

This information will help us figure out how we can provide not just a cash offer but the best possible solution for you.

Will I Get My Cash Offer Right Away On The Phone?

The short answer is no. We do not give our exact cash offer during the initial phone call, however, we will give you an initial offer range.

Why Not? Other “We Buy Houses” Companies Make Offers Right Away On The Phone…

These companies will give you a wildly inflated offer to bring you in and lock you up in a legally binding contract. They will then use an “inspection report” to come back and ask for a price reduction.

This tactic is used more than you would think by many real estate investors in our market. It gives cash home buyers a bad name, and we can’t stand it!

Are You Going To Give Me A Low-ball Offer?

Absolutely not! If we made low-ball offers, we would not be in business.

It is in our best interest to make you the highest possible cash offer because that is how we will beat our competition!

Our entire business is based on buying houses in Florida.

If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy houses.

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Working With Us Means Finding The Best Solution For Your Home Sale

If the value you have in mind for your home is above our offer range, we can discuss a couple options that may best suit your needs other than a cash offer. We want to help whether you’ve decided to work with us or another company better suited for your situation.

Your Florida House Cash Offer

We’ve showed you the simplified process above of how we buy houses for cash. Just in case you seek more knowledge and a better understanding of how we make our offers. Below is a breakdown of the determining factors showing exactly how we purchase, fix and flip these houses for a small profit. As Florida’s #1 Trusted Cash Home Buyers, we are like an open book and will always provide full transparency.

Determining Factors For Our Cash Offers

After Repair Value (ARV)
The After Repair Value or “ARV” is what your house would be worth if it was fixed up to like new standards. This is based on comparable sales in the neighborhood within a certain period of time.

Cost of Repairs (COR)
This is an estimate of what it will cost to renovate your house to the latest standards.

Selling Costs
Upon completion of the renovation, the house is then listed on the MLS and various platforms with a real estate agent to sell. Associated with these transactions are real estate agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs, etc. These are all the fees you can save if you sell your house directly to us. Our Selling Costs usually total 10% all together of the selling price.

Our Minimum Profit
We are not going to insult your intelligence by pretending this is a hobby. After all, this is a business and we should treat it as such if we plan to stay in business and also provide you with a wonderful offer. With that said, like most businesses, we expect to make a profit. However, we are fair and would rather provide you with our highest offer possible than to lowball you and risk losing the deal and the opportunity to build a lasting relationship. Like your Amazon’s and Walmart’s, we would rather make a little profit on many deals than chasing large profits on a few deals.

Cash Offer Formula

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Breaking Down The Numbers

After Repair Value = $350k

Cost Of Repairs = $60k

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $350k = $35k

Roughly Our Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $52k

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $350k – $60k – $35k – $52k = $203k

Your Cash Offer = $203k

It is in our best interest to always provide you with the highest possible offer. That is why we rely on the mathematical formula. If you are curious as to what your cash offer would look like, just fill in the form below.

Get Your Free Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. No Commissions, No Fees and No Repairs. Just fill in this form or call (954) 591-8462 to Get Your Cash Offer Started!
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Why Sell To Us Instead Of Listing With A Realtor?

Even in a seller’s market, it’s smart to look at ALL of your options (check out our blog to help with this exploration) to see what will actually help you best reach your goals with the sale of your house.

While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local agent, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket or less headache.

Let’s compare selling your house to Daniel Cislyn Home Buyers vs with a local real estate agent.

Selling To DCHB

  • You pay 0% in commission and NO fees.
  • We pay ALL closing costs.
  • Close within 7-28 days or on your timeline.
  • Sell in “as-is” condition without making any repairs.
  • No formal inspections.
  • No open houses or endless walk-through.
  • No appraisal or financing contingencies.

Selling With A Realtor

  • You typically pay 6% of the sales price in commission.
  • You pay 2%-4% of the sales price in closing costs.
  • Closing can take 60-90 days after accepting an offer.
  • You need to make repairs to bring your home up to market standards.
  • Many buyers request an inspection, which can drop the sale price or result in more repairs.
  • Sometimes there are 20+ showings and open houses.
  • If an appraisal comes back lower than expected, you may be forced to lower your sale price.


How Do I Know You Will Close And This Is Not A Scam?

There are so many new investors and scammers out there that you’re smart to be questioning this. Getting the highest offer for your home means nothing if the buyer reduces the price after an “inspection”, cannot close, and the deal falls through. It’s very common for sellers to reach out to us after one (or sometimes multiple) failed closings with another “We buy houses” company in our area. They are frustrated and distrustful of investors.

That’s where Daniel Cislyn Home Buyers are different. Our small team makes honest and fair offers with the intent to close, always. Our offer will not be reduced later in the process. That’s why we receive so many positive reviews!

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed?

Professional Website

A business’s website is a direct reflection of who they are as a business and personally. Explore the site to see if the company shows who the people are behind the business. Look for pictures of the owner(s) and any possible employees. Check if they give you their names (first and last names are important, so you can cross check if they are a real person on Google).

Online Reviews

A legitimate business will have reviews online. We’re not talking about text inserted on the business’s home page. Verify there are reputable Google or Facebook reviews, as well as seller testimonials.

Contract Terms

Don’t fall for a tiny deposit that doesn’t get delivered to escrow for 30 days. Many scammers use certain back out clause to leave a backdoor open for themselves. These are signs a buyer is not serious about closing.

Still have questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call/text to (954) 591-8462 or fill in the form below. We are happy to chat with you!

Get Your Free Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. No Commissions, No Fees and No Repairs. Just fill in this form or call (954) 591-8462 to Get Your Cash Offer Started!
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